april 26th, 2023



Data Consultant



Dr. Jim


VP of Strategic

Programs @ Echelon



CEO @ AJ Rhem

& Associates

Dr. Tony


Dr. Chhavi Chauhan

Board of Directors Member @ Digital Pathology Association

Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD Candidate @ UNC Charlotte

Ghazal Alinezhad Noghre


Computer Engineering PhD Candidate @ UNC Charlotte

Chris Neff


Now more than ever, we are being inundated with technological and conceptual buzzwords that will soon impact how we live, work, and think. Instead of viewing these advancements as a mystical enemy, this event was organized to give you insight into the changes to come and how to prepare for the not-so-distant future involving people and new technology.

With this, I've brought together 3 experienced professionals to give their thoughts on this new shift in AI productivity and their life experiences with similar advancements from the past. In order to support the fact that innovation and progress is not simply a generational trend, we will begin by discussing history, followed by change management, knowledge management, AI ethics, and concluding with the role of big data in facilitating it all.